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Assistant director

Oversee the strategic development, management and delivery of services that support children and families
Other names
Deputy director

What you'll do

As an assistant director you’ll:

  • provide strategic leadership to deliver high quality services 
  • work with senior managers to plan and deliver services that meet the needs of children and families 
  • make strategic decisions in areas such as resource allocation, legal action and child placements 
  • develop and implement policies and procedures to ensure effective service delivery 
  • oversee the performance of social work teams and ensure positive outcomes for children and families 
  • use performance data to predict potential future issues and pre-empt them 
  • engage with national organisations such as the Department for Education and Home Office 
  • participate in safeguarding partnership boards with external partners 
  • model high-quality supervision and promote it within your organisation

Skills and knowledge

You'll need:

  • leadership and management skills to provide strategic direction and manage resources 
  • strategic thinking to drive service improvements for children and families 
  • an understanding of the local and national political environment when developing policies 
  • in-depth knowledge of social work practice including legislation, policies and trends in the field 
  • communication and interpersonal skills to engage with diverse partners 
  • knowledge of budgeting, resource allocation and financial management 
  • the ability to evaluate performance to ensure quality service provision 
  • data analysis and reporting skills to analyse complex data, interpret findings and prepare reports 

How to become one

To become an assistant director you must:

  • have completed a degree, apprenticeship or graduate training scheme in social work 
  • be registered with Social Work England
  • have extensive experience in child and family social work practice
  • have experience of working at management level in a multi-agency environment
  • be committed to ongoing professional development of your knowledge and leadership skills

If you’re an experienced head of service or equivalent, the Pathway 4: practice leaders programme can help prepare you to progress to an assistant director role.

Career paths and progression

With experience you could: 

  • become a director of children’s services 
  • move into a senior leadership position in a social work organisation such as chief executive officer or chief operating officer 
  • move into research and teaching 

The upon: aspirant directors programme can help prepare you to progress to a director of children’s services role.

Current opportunities

The Find a job service can help you with your search for jobs and send alerts when new jobs become available.